My first blog award and a Tag

I've been meaning to do this for a while now.......I'm so excited, I got my first blogger award :-D
A big  Thank you to Bajan Beauty.

I also was tagged by lovely CarolinaBelle84, thanks doll.

Since both, the award and the tag, require me to tell 7 things about myself I thought why not do them together ;-D

Seven things you don't know about me:

1) When I was 6 yrs old I accidentally sat on a cactus... So tweezers were my Mom's best friend that day.

2) I lived in five countries

3) I slightly addicted to apples and peanut butter combo

4) I have naturally curly hair but hardly ever wear it curly. It's usually straight or wavy.

5) I was a blond for about 9 yrs

6) English is my third language

7) I want a Boxer soooo bad. (reason I don't have one right? We don't have a fenced in backyard and that is a must for me if I'm going to have a dog, especially a dog as energetic as a Boxer. So one of these days....)


Thank and link the person who gave you this award
Share 7 things about yourself.
Choose 7 bloggers fantastic enough for this award.
Let the winners know they’ve won

This is not easy as many of you fabulous ladies deserve an award. 

I chose the following fabulous ladies:

1) Life as Lindsay

2) Saltwater Dreams

3) The Dapper Bun

4) BeautyGirl24

5) The Fashionista Next Door

6) Keirasluckycharm

7) Sea To My Heart

Congratulations ladies!



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