OOTD: Leggings, comfy leggings

Got a chance to snap a few pictures in the fitting room at The Limited. A nice change from the work bathroom, isn't it?! :) 
I found two great tops at The Limited today...will post those soon.

Today's outfit...Started off the with sweater dress (?) or is it just a long sweater? Not really sure...

Added the belt and the necklace

Let's throw another sweater on top of that...in case it gets chilly in the office

And I was happy....mainly...because I got to wear leggings...
Ready to go back to work (well, not really ready...it's more of a MUST..lunch over)
Coat: Michael Kors - Macy's
Cardi: Gap - outlet
Sweater dress - Marshalls
Leggings: Target
Boots: Sam Edelman (gift)
Purse: Coach (gift)
Scarf: H&M
Belt: Thrifted
Necklace: ?

Never thought I would wear leggings...seriously. Yet alone to work (first time wearing them to work..boss not in the office hehe...not that she would care).   But gotta cover the bum ladies, got to cover it.  I see so many females wearing leggings without having the bum covered at all and I can tell the color of their undies. Not a very flattering look, IMO.  :)  (but I'm sure it also depends on the quality of the leggings too)

You having a good Tuesday?  Certainly hope so!



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