Bang, Bang

New hair! it's been quite some time that I've done anything significantly different to
my hair (I'm talking years), so this is very refreshing for me! So maybe I only cut off
2 inches of the length... but I got a lot of new layers and the bangs are a big step
for me! Since I've grown my hair out, I've been scared to change it in any sort of way,
so baby steps are always good. The stylist straightened it, and I really hate my hair
straight, so I put it up in a ballerina-esque bun.I have a feeling I'll be rocking this hairstyle much more often!

Anyways, enough about my hair! It's Friday and I am ready for a good one. Hope yours is great as well!

wearing: dress & jacket- Vintage; bag c/o VJ-style; 'Jax' booties- Dolce Vita


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