London is exactly what I have imagined except even better! I absolutely
apologize for being the worst blogger ever this past week, but I have a.)been
super busy with school, b.) moved into a new place and c.) moved into
a new place which does not have internet. We finally got it on Friday, yay!

I think every single day that I have been here I have done something
exciting. Above is a day where I spent it entirely at Westminster. It is so
beautiful here. I was lucky enough to enjoy a sunny day followed by this
gorgeous sunset. Sorry for the semi-boring outfits lately. I've been dressing
strictly for comfort on all of these days where I have been sight-seeing. :)

More exciting things to come soon. I bought a dress entirely covered
in sequins that I plan on wearing in a few days for my 21st birthday on
Friday! I've been shopping way to much.

Hope everyone had a good weekend, and have a lovely week!

Wearing: target cardigan; f21 pleated skirt; AA top;


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