Off I go

So it's a day before I leave for school and I am going absolutely C-R-A-Z-Y.
I'm pretty sure I've checked my luggages about one hundred times and I
have definitely ran back and forth from probably all of the rooms
in my house, making sure I have not forgotten anything. To an outside
observer I most likely look nuts. This outfit photo above is most definitely
from last night when I was in a calmer, less frantic, state of mind. This rosette
skirt is one of my absolute favorites. I love feeling so feminine in it. My hair was
most definitely inspired by Alexander Wang's Spring 2010 hair stylings. To be honest,
it was probably my favorite part about the show.

I leave for Ireland tomorrow at 3:00 central time, and I will be arriving
in Ireland Wednesday morning (for a few days until school starts).
I'm anxious/nervous/feeling feelings I've never felt before. The blog
should be updated very shortly though, as I will indeed have my computer
and internet in my hotel in Ireland.

Anyways... Good bye America!

Hello London town!

Wearing: random top; thrifted skirt; miss me boots


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