Pretty Pattern

So after taking these photos today, I realized... it might be nice to actually smile sometimes
in my photos. In real life, I am quite a happy and smile-y person, I promise! I think it's finally time I share some actual bonnie-having-fun photos. Here are some photos with my roommates/friends and my boyyy. Oh and just so it's known, the couch that my roommate and I are sitting on in the first photo is quite possibly my dream couch which we found at goodwill.

Anyways, I bought this jacket at my favorite thrift store and instantly fell in love with the color palette used. I'm naturally drawn to darker colors, so when I do wear color, darker ones like these are ideal. Plum, burgundy, forest green, and gray are some of my favorites. Once fall truly hits, these are the colors I will be reppin'.

And on a completely random side note, yesterday I completely re-decorated my room for the first time in ages. It is such a refreshing feeling! I suggest everyone move atleast one piece of furniture in your room. I swear you will feel 100 times better and fresher.

Wearing: thrifted jacket & bag; payless fioni boots; f21 skirt & tights


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