Out n about

Well today is my last day in Dublin and tomorrow it's off to London! I have been
super super busy the last two days. Pretty much non-stop. I went to castles (pictures to come),
an irish music show, St. Patrick's cathedral, the Guinness factory, lots of
parks, and lots of shopping streets.

I wore this outfit when I went outto dinner and things last night.
This striped top is one of my Topshop purchases.
I love the classic look that stripes can bring to almost any outfit.
Needless to say after a day of all the walking I did, I was completely
exhausted. Lounging around my hotel and eating
Haribo was just perfect.

Oh yes! I know a while back I said I was living in Camden, but that has actually
changed to Bloomsbury. I think I'm quite happy about this change though.
I'll be about 15 minutes away from Oxford Circus. This may be damaging
to my bank account, but it will be lots of fun hehe. Anyone have any
recommendations for things to do in the area?

wearing: Tophop striped shirt; thrifted bag; H&M heels,


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