Peek into: my accesories

As I was playing around with my 35mm Canon Rebel, I decided what a great idea to
capture all of my favorite accesories! I have such fun with this camera, I must put
more pictures up on my blog from it.

I started with shoes, most thrifted and from forever 21. When it comes to shoes,
I am a fanatic of anything and everything black. Shiny, suede, leather, you name
it- I have it. Almost all of these bags are thrifted as well. My accessories are almost
always from forever 21, and other boutiques similar to it. And lastly, my sunglasses are
all cheap and from random places. Losing small (and sometimes large) items
seems tobe my inevitable specialty, so investing in a pair of nice sunglasses is close to
the last thing I will ever do.

Well there you have it- a peek into my accesories! I think next I will tackle
the large large keeper of clothing I call my closet.


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