Raining cats & dogs

Wearing: thrifted skirt, bag ; f21 top; payless boots.

I decided to take a break from my insane packing mayhem and sneak in a few photos.
It's been raining non-stop in here in Dallas for about a week now, so anytime there is a
break I have to take advantage of it. Anyways, I have not had much clothing to wear lately
because most of it is sitting neatly folded (and crammed) into one of only
two suitcases I can bring with me. Yes... only two. The task of fitting all of my belongings
in such a small space is a dreadful thought, but I have slowly been conquering it.

In the next few days I will be quite busy packing, as I will be leaving on Tuesday afternoon.
First stop: Dublin! Any advice on Ireland must-sees? I have quite alot planned
already but I do not plan to waste a second while I am there.

Oh and while I'm in this little sharing-pieces-of-me-thing, I leave you with whats on my
latest on the go playlist:

1.) Owl Waltz- Seabear
2.) Candy says- The Velvet Underground
3.) All is Love- Karen O. & the Kids
4.) Bluish- Animal Collective
5.) Knock You down- Keri Hilson
6.) Owl Eyes- Devendra Banhart
7.) Ghosts- Laura Marling
8.) California Stars- Wilco
9.) Saturday in the Park- Chicago
10.) Kodachrome- Paul Simon

I'm known for making playlists to fit almost all my current moods. In fact I have
about 50 on-the-go playlists on my ipod, haha.

What song fits your mood right now?


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