Target Style

Have any of you noticed the amazing stuff Target has been having lately? 
Tarj-ay has always had cute stuff, but not this much at once!  Can't decided if that's a good or a bag thing?! But one great thing is - it's all affordable. Yes, it can add up but it's still a LOT cheaper that similar pieces at certain store (no names ;) 

When I walked in the other day the word "wow" was used a lot...but I'm hoping it wasn't out loud. But it could have been. Can you blame a girl!? 

I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces. Just some. Seriously loving it all. If I just look at everything below I personally would never guess it came from Target. So thanks for stepping up your game Tar-jay! 

Vest - seriously, how amazing is this vest! I need to justify buying this. 

*update - buy 2 save 15%, buy 3 save 25% + free shipping when you spend $50

Have you picked up anything from Target lately? 


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