NYC Favorites: Sweet Treats

1.) Little Cupcake Bakeshop

2.) Dean & Deluca Bakery

3.) Baked by Butterfield

I am pretty sure it is quite obvious, but I really am in love with this crazy city I live in... NYC. Within the *almost* year and a half that I have lived here, I have accumulated quite a list of my favorite things to do around the city. So with that being said, twice a month or so I will be doing my 'NYC Favorites'. With my perpetual sweet tooth, I found it only appropriate to start with my fav pastry/bake shops! Here we go...

1.) Little cupcake Bakeshop, NoLita: Seriously the best cupcakes in the city. Never have I has such rich and creamy icing paired with the softest cake you can imagine. One of these days I'll spring for a a piece of layer cake... Oh so tempting!

1.) Dean and Deluca, SoHo: Everytime I find myself wandering the streets of SoHo, I can't help but stop by Dean and Deluca. This location not only had an amazing bakery but also the fanciest of groceries as well. I love picking up a coffee and pastry, then browse the isles dreaming of what I would buy if I actually cooked... One of these days!

1.) Baked by Butterfield, Upper East Side: I cannot get enough of this bakery! Gourmet donuts and cupcakes in the same shop? That is basically heaven. So far I have tried the red velvet donut and apple cider donut. Can't decide which I like better... they are both top good!

Anyway,hope you all have a lovely Friday! It's the weekend... So don't feel bad treating yourself to something sweet.


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