Lately... Saturday Edition

A new Saturday edition of my 'Lately' posts! It's been quite a long time since I have done one, but I plan to get back to it again regularly. Expect these posts once a week. Here is how I spent my Saturday in the city...

1.) Admiring the beautiful flowers at Deane & Deluca in SoHo. One of my favorite grocery stores of all time.
2.) Indulging in delicious burgers at Smiths in the East Village. Love this place so much!
3.) Vintage shopping at Metropolitan. They definitely have you covered in the cut-offs department.
4.) Wandering around NoLita, people watching is great there.
5.) Drinking more coffee than I probably should.
6.) Exploring the city with my momma and dad who came to visit me this weekend! Even though I know the subway system through-and-through, my dad insists on constantly pulling out his map.
7.) Enjoying strawberry cupcakes from Little Bake Shop in NoLita, one of my absolute favorites!
8.) Running in the rain, because of course I always forget to bring an umbrella.

Anyway, hope you all had a lovely weekend as well!


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