Monthly Must-Reads and my Exercise routine...or the lack of it

Question of the month: How often do you work out? What's your preferred method of exercise?

Ok, so it is a little embarrassing to admit that I don't really work out. I have a serious desire to get back into the gym, preferably with a really GREAT trainer, but it hasn't happened yet. 

I used to go to the gym 3-4 days per week, but for the last couple of years (more like 3+) I haven't been working out regularly. Once in a while I'll do something at home, for about 3.246 minutes.  Few months ago we purchased a treadmill and I've used it 3 times. Sad, I know! 
Now that we have moved it to our basement from the spare room I'm hoping to use it at least twice per week. Hey, everyone is got to start somewhere, right!? ;)

I'm eating pretty healthy though. I've been Gluten free for a couple of months now, due to allergies, but have lost about 4lbs which I'm not happy about. Not happy at all!  AND I'm trying to stay away from refined sugar!  I have the hardest time gaining weight, so this gluten free and refined sugar thing has been an interesting journey for sure.

So clearly no workout regimen here. At least not yet! 

What is YOUR preferred method of exercise?


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