Lately I have been....

1.) Slowly but surely putting my bedroom together. This clothing rack has helped immensely.
2.) Scoping out spots in the new neighborhood. Tompkins Square bagels has won my heart.
3.) Spending time with this crazy curly-haired gal. So happy that we are still roommates.
4.) Getting surprised with flowers on Valentines day.
5.) Indulging in suspiciously pink donuts. I have no self-restraint.
6.) Watching this cutie watch over her kingdom. I swear she thinks she rules the city.
7.) Trying to catch up on sleep but relentlessly failing. Tired eyes is never a good look.
8.) Taking walks in the city, despite the freezing cold weather.
9.) Admiring the beautiful white exposed brick in my room. Something so simple can make me oh-so-happy.

Hope you all had a lovely week as well, and a great start to your Monday!


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