Who says you can't mix red and pink?

I totally wish I could have gotten a better shot, but this skirt is actually a
pair of PANTS. Yes, that is right, flowy, billowy pants. Half of the reason that
I love them so much is that they are so fun to walk in. I went to the grocery
store in them (yesterday when I took these photos) and I swear getting milk and
cereal was 100x more fun. Easily entertained? Possibly, but maybe you
should try it out for yourself. I paired this pink top with the pants, not
realizing exactly how red these pants were. It's definitely a different color
combination for me, but I am very pleased with the turnout.

Hooray that it is Friday! I am
going to make sure that mine is relaxing, starting with a sushi date with
the boy tonight. Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


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wearing: Silence & noise cardigan; Cullottes courtesy of Romwe; platforms courtesy of Blowfish; thrifted bag; cooperative hat.


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