I wish I lived in the 1970's

Friday is finally here! Thank goodness, because I have really been
needing a break. Although let's be honest... I still have to study for
biology all weekend! Oh well, I really cannot complain because I am
going to be completely finished in two weeks. Oh boy, oh boy!

Anyways, onto the outfit. I received this amazing jumpsuit from
Anarchy Street and I am completely obsessed! The long vertical stripes
make me feel super tall. And who doesn't like feeling super tall? I also
received this lovely bracelet/ring as well and I have been rocking it
with simple outfits to add a little flair lately. As for the bag, I was
eyeing it at the vintage boutique I work at for weeks! Just a bit
inspired by Becky-May's beautiful woven baskets as bags, I decided to
put my little twist on the trend.

Well I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Follow Flashes of Style

wearing: Jumpsuit & bracelet c/o Anarchy Street; f21 hat; vintage bag from Grey Dog Vintage Boutique; Jefferey Cambell 'miracle' wedges


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