Oh me, Oh my!

Wow after uploading all of these pictures I realized how colorful of a
post this is. The apartments where these photos were taken was SO beautiful.
So what if me and my friends creeped around the courts of these apartments
just to get some good photos, even though we do not know anyone who lives
there...? Haha the things you do when you have a fashion blog. Anyways, I
have just been in love the nice weather we have been getting lately. Obviously
the springy-ness has been inspiring my wardrobe. Give me florals, dusty
pinks/blues, and high-waisted shorts and I am a happy gal.

I am so happy about the great response for the giveaway! Just so you all
know, the giveaway will last until Monday April 11th at 11:00pm eastern.

So remember to enter the Blowfish 'Gimmik' platform giveaway here!


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wearing: dress courtesy of whole-saledress.net; H&M cardigan; tights courtesy of Romwe; bag via e-bay; Topshop brogues.


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