I Could Feel The Earth Beneath Me

Oh boy have I been excited to show you all these photos from a recent shoot I did with the ever-so-lovely Emma Jane Kepley. This gal is so talented and it is always such a pleasure shooting with her. I had so much fun here especially. It was fun doing a concept shoot rather than the regular outfit posts that I do. Here we wanted to create a very natural and ethereal mood. I let my guard down for this shoot and even refrained from wearing my red lip that I have become to accustomed to. These photos mean a lot to me-- in the midst of the hectic frenzy that is living in NYC, I got to take a moment to forget about people and places to be and just live in the moment. 

Hope you all enjoy these photos as much as I do. Check out the rest of Emma's work here. I'm sure you'll love her talent just as much as I do.


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