My 'Lately' posts are back! It's been a busy December with the holidays and all, but here is what I have been up to...

1.) Hanging out with Eleanor, the usual. What can I say? I love this little lady.
2.) Prancing around in these Call It Spring flats, the fanciest flats I've ever seen.
3.) Making more floral crowns than I can count. Some may call it a  problem...
4.) Staying in on the gloomy & snowy days, curled up & cozy with a book.
5.) Cleaning out my closet before I move in February (most likely to Brooklyn), finding it to be difficult to throw things out.
6.) Finding places for all my little trinkets. Namely little glass bowls from thrift shops.
7.) Exploring the city on the bright & sunny days. Never gets old.
8.) Consuming one too many tomato soups + grilled cheeses. Probably one of my favorite food combinations.
9.) Waiting patiently for my lovely roomie to get back from Paris/Berlin. Hurry back Christina!

Hope you all have had a lovely week as well.


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