Bedroom makeover

I been wanting to give our bedroom a little makeover. In order for the makeover to start out right I need a headboard. A pretty headboard (I'm sure Mr. would love a pretty headboard). I've found a few I really like, but most of them come with a hefty price tag (like most of the ones below). There were a few I found that in my mind were "cheap"..around $300. Not bad right?!
Well, Mr. wants to make one. I, personally, would just order one online, it's a lot less hassle. But at the same time I would be quite neat to look at the DIY headboard (when ever it gets done) and say.. "My wonderful husband made this fantastic headboard". So he's got himself a project lined up.

Below are a few headboards I like.

(click on each image for more information)



Haute House at ShopStyle

Ballard Designs at ShopStyle

This one I almost ordered through Joss and Main. It was under $300. But it's not quite my "dream" headboard. I would prefer light gray/heather gray and preferably not satin.

These are some inspirational photos for our DIY headboard.
Once our DIY headboard is done I'll share the finished product with you all (and steps on how to do one).

Have a great weekend!


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