Where's the motivation at?

This has been a crazy, busy week. I was in no mood to take pictures...not even work-bathroom-mirror pictures you guys, not even those.  Therefore, I'm SO looking forward to another three day weekend. I thought I'd share just a few pictures from our Chicago trip last weekend. I haven't taken many, I never do. Should think about hiring a professional photographer to travel with me and capture all the special places and moments I fail to capture. But it also could have been worse...I could have not taken any or I could have forgotten my camera completely. So there might be some hope for me after-all.

Taking a much needed break in a park by Lincoln Park Zoo (the Park probably has a name itself, I was too tired to pay attention. Note to self: pay attention to names of beautiful Parks you chill at)

____  Park   :) 

 We were in Town just in time for the Chicago Dancing Festival: Celebration of Dance. This was Friday night rehearsal. Saturday was the amazing performance, loved it. 

 Didn't really ask for my sisters permission to post this picture of the two of us...therefore I blurred out the faces (I'm guessing once she sees it she might find something wrong with the picture and ask me to remove it haha)

Glad I brought the blazer with me, evenings were nice and chilly.

Have a great and safe weekend! 


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