What should I do?

Vest: Old Navy
Chambray Shirt: Target
Pants: Kohl's
Flats: AE via Payless (2010)
Bag: H&M
Belt: Target

Today I just had to run a few errands and since it feels like another Fall day I was excited to wear my vest, again.   Friday it was 90 degrees, today it's 60 out. Go figure. 

My roots were asking for some attention today...as in "can you please fix us...so we look like rest of your hair" type of attention. I haven't decided if I just want my roots done or go darker again. I really like this color but the upkeep is little expensive. But again, if my hair isn't right, not even a perfect outfit or makeup can't make up for it or fix it. Originally I wanted highlights for Summer and darker hair for Fall/Winter. So I need to decide pretty soon what to do.
 Any suggestions?  

Hope all of you are having a great Monday! 


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