Shop my closet is here...kinda

 Shirt+Wedges: Marshalls
Pants+Belt: Gap
Ring+Necklace: F21
Bracelet: Gift

I don't like wearing long pants during hot summer days but this was a last minute other words I didn't have many options as I was running late (but sometimes all I want to wear is pants anyways).  I was going to wear my new Maxi skirt from Express but I think it might be a tiny bit too big. I got it in Small as they didn't have looks ok but ok wasn't good enough for me this morning. So my sister will be getting the skirt. my previous post, which I've noticed doesn't come up on the blog roll, I might've mentioned "shop my closet pile". I have a lot of clothes but I feel like I wear the same stuff over and over again. And some stuff was bought on impulse (you know how that goes).  So I created a tab for "shop my closet"...actually it's just called "shop".  Right now there is only some makeup...hardly ever used. So check it out!



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