Black and white, again

Tank & Skirt: F21
Necklace: Target

Black and white two posts in a row?! And actually today I'm wearing black and white, again. Black skirt, white top. Haven't taken any pictures yet but I'll try to after work.

I absolutely LOVE these BR shoes. They are cute and comfortable....except my right foot didn't like them much. These are a size 9 but feel more like an 8.5 which is what I usually wear.

There are a lot of flats I can't wear because it all depends on how there were designed as my Calcaneus bone sticks out a bit on my right foot (it actually might not be the heel could be something else...I'll leave this one to Medical professionals). I definitely don't want to give them up so I'll try putting something in the back of the shoe where the bone wouldn't rub on it. Otherwise, they'll be added to "Shop my Closet" :(

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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