This is why I need to workout

Do you work out regularly?
I'm pretty sure I've complained before how I can't seem to motivate myself to hit the gym at least 2-3 times a week! Back in the day (little over 2 yrs ago to be somewhat exact) I used to look forward going to the gym. And then that excitement was gone...maybe forever! Holy cow, that's a scary thought. Let's hope at least a part of that excitement returns to me someday (oh and did I say I've two gym memberships? Sad, I know).

Since I got married (1 yrs, 5months and 2 weeks ago to be exact again) I've gained about 10lbs....which is dream about putting some meat on is coming true. Except there is a problem. It all went straight into my belly and hips!!!  Which means I no longer can wear a few pair of my jeans.... quite a few skirts are waaaay to tight etc. Not cool ya'll, not cool. Here is just one dress I can no longer zip up!  (it's from this post).

 Bebe dress in case you're wondering

Few times I've done Pilates at home thanks to a video. But again, it's not regular.

So please tell me how do you motivate yourself to workout?  What type of workout do you do? 


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