My girly day

(All photos found via google images)

While joking telling my husband how we should turn our spare room/office/guestroom into my girly room and expecting to hear a "I don't think that's a good idea" or anything along those lines really, he said "Sure, why not".  I proceeded to explain to him what the room would look like and what it would be mostly used for. You know...just to make sure he actually understoon clearly what "my girly room" means. And he still agreed! Not sure why I was expecting a different answer or anything less from him....after all he is AWESOME like that!

Now that we agreed on turning our spare room/office/guestroom  (and I should probably add in there junk room) into my girly room I don't know where to begin. So, this is where Google comes in handy. These are just a few images I found that are inspirational. Of course my new room won't look like any of these perfectly decorated rooms but they can at least give me some ideas, as each photo has something in it that is special.

Right now the room has a futon in it that we purchased from Target, in color brown. It looks cute. 

*this is important information*
 If you are expecting company and don't want them to overstay their visit but don't know how to politely tell them this I suggest you buy this futton. I guarantee you they won't be staying more than a night. They even might leave in the middle of the night. 
Yes, it IS the most unfomfortable thing to sleep on you guys.

The main reason we wanted a futon (couldn't find a nice pull-out couch) is for when my Mom comes to visits. She hasn't slept on it yet and if she did....she would most likely think we're punishing her for something...and would probably never come to visit again. 

Do you have a 'girly room'? Where do you find your inspiration from?  


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