Get over it!

 Top: Lauren Conrad 
Pants: Kohl's 
Boots: Sam Edelman
Belt: F21
Necklace: F21

I was going to wear this top with a skirt this time...but it turns out I was not in mood for skirts. So this outfit isn't much different than from the last time I wore this top.  Oh, and this is yesterdays outfit..and the outfit I posted yesterday it Wednesday's outfit.  And  after I clicked 'publish post' I realized that I didn't have a title nor did I mention that the outfit was from the day before.
And another thing I realized...I own too many black pants...and I wear them a's the easiest item of clothing to pair with just about everything when I lack motivation in the morning.  But don't we all know that already!?

On a different note....have I ever mentioned how much I love quotes?!  I used to keep a note book with my favorite quotes but stopped writing them down few years ago...not sure why.

Anyway, from now on you might, just might, be seeing a quote at the end of my posts... It might be a quote that sums up my day, what I think, type of  mood I'm in, what's on my mind...ya know...that kind of stuff.

"Action is the real measure of intelligence."
Napoleon Hill


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