Happy Friday

Happy Friday! Not that it makes much of a difference for me, since
I have been on spring break, but I am sure the rest of you are
jumping for joy. I am now out of Texas, and went on a little
road trip to Missour-ah. My boyfriends family lives here, and
I just always love coming to visit. Today we are going to this
vintage clothing store that is also a cupcake shop! As
you can imagine, I am completely stoked. My boyfriends dad
actually just told me about it yesterday hehe.

Anyways about this outfit: this dress is a Japanase vintage
piece from the 70's, and I absolutely adore it. The pleats are
heavenly, and the ruffle detail is just perfect. Oh and this
polaroid camera that I used as a prop was purchased at a
thrift store for just a couple bucks. It still works too! Too bad
polaroid film is so hard to find these days. I am also wearing
this vintage watch, which is also hard to find these days. To find
more watches at a good price check out pre owned watches.
Anyways, I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


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