Shades of Green

Yay! It is finally cold enough for this chunky
knit sweater jacket I purchased second-hand this
summer. I knew it was way too early for it, but I could
just envision myself living in it this winter. Also, I
woke up early this morning and took these photos,
and was blown away by the gorgeous lighting it brought
to photos! It's just so much easier to take photos in
the evening to allow myself to sleep in, but I think I
am going to do this more often!

Oh and this morning I spoke with my adviser about
next semester. Only FOUR more classes until
I graduate. Scary, but so so exciting. World, here I
come! One last piece of exciting news: I was chosen,
as Teen Vogue's Top 100 Bloggers to help launch
their new website, Fashion Click. The new way to browse
blogs. I am absolutely honored! Check it out here.

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wearing: thrifted sweater; H&M dress; f21 heels & knee-highs


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