A Day At The Farm

Today was a gorgeous Fall day. We spent most of the day in the country, on a farm sort of. My sisters in-laws have seven horse, beautiful horses. We helped set up a big tent and clean the barn a bit for next Saturday big get-together.  Each year they invite friends over, around 40-50 people, for hayrides, bonfire etc.

Travis, my brother-in-law, has three beautiful nieces. The 6 year old comes to me with a pitchfork and I ask her what it is for. She proceeds to tell me to follow her as we are going to clean up horse poop. Ok, so I didn't expect I was going to do that and expected even less that it actually would be fun (there was hardly any do-do) haha. As we are cleaning I jokingly told her "Bailey, I can't believe you are making me do this." Her response "you are a city girl and not a farm girl, so you need to learn this". Haha how cute.
Few pictures from today...

Don't judge me lol Those donuts very delish, as well as he apple cider 

What did you do today?



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