MAC Venmous Villains & Up-Coming Giveaway!

SO glad is Friday! Today on my lunch break I did some shopping, jewelry only, including something for my 50 Reader Giveaway! So excited about it. I didn't get what I originally had in mind for my first giveaway, but that only means I will need to have a second one and stick to my original plan...I hope. I get carried away when I see cute things in stores.  I know I mentioned before I was going to have the Giveaway end of September. Unfortunately I was so busy and didn't have a chance to do it. So I'm hoping I can do it this weekend.

Afterwork I'm planning on checking out MAC Venomous Villains collection. I looked at it on their website and couldn't believe that most things were already sold out. Didn't the collection come yesterday? That's crazy!
This is pretty much the only thing I would like to get.

Did you buy anything from the new collection? 

Have a great Friday!



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