Recent Purchases? Yes, shopping ban is gone

Remember me mentioning something about a shopping ban and me being on one? Well, it's over ladies, the ban is OVER. haha  I thought...what the heck, I went 8 days without shopping and I did pretty darn well. After all, I don't spend that much money shopping to begin with...I just shop often, that's all. 
Anyway, my friend wore a very cute shirt the other day and I totally thought she got it at J. Crew... but no, she got it at Forever21 and it was only $12, couldn't believe it. So I told her not to be surprised if she sees me wearing one. Today I stopped at Forever 21 and of course they no longer had the shirt and I couldn't find it online either.  So to comfort myself I found other stuff. I must say that I was very impressed with their inventory. They had unbelievable amount of beautiful tops, tops that I wouldn't expect at Forever21 (at least not at our store here since it is pretty small).  There were couple other tops I loved so I might go back, will see.  I though I'd share with you what I bought. Sorry about the picture quality.

White top was $19.80
Skinny Jeans - $13.50

Taupe Top - $15.50

This picture doesn't show the real beauty and color of this top. It will look real cute tucked into a pencil skirt, or under a cardigan/blazer.  I'm please with today's purchase.

Now I just need a pair of fabulous shoes!  ;-)  

Hope you had a wonderful day! =)


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