Chicago in a nutshell

Hello, hello! After a week of amazing adventures in
Chicago, I am now aware that cities indeed
can be as cool as London (hehe). I had such
a wonderful time wandering around this city
with my boyfriend and a few good friends.
I went to museums, parks, stayed in two different
amazing hotels, saw friends I have missed dearly,
did the tourist thing, did the not-so-tourist thing, shopped,
and music!

I brought two roles of film with me, one black&white,
and one color. Here are a few to share with you all
before I start the grueling process of packing up
my apartment to move into my new house (yay)
on Saturday!

Once I get settled, I will be a good blogger
again :)

3D exhibit at the Chicago Art Institute. This covered an
entire wall.

view from my hotel one night

Don't be alarmed, Chicago is not in ruins! One night we happened
to be staying in a hotel that was right about the Transformers
3 set. I do not particularly like the Transformers series,
but I must admit this was very cool.

vintage purse and shoe store in Wicker Park! It was
abundant with lace-up boots, leather bags
and unique vintage pieces. Plus that dog was
just way too cute.

I just had to put this photo up of this beautiful
Chicago sunset. Plus I think he looks way
too cute in it to not put up :)

Chicago River! Of course I had to go shopping, and below
is my favorite find.

Pins & needles Tank

Home, finally! After the 10 hour drive. Goodness...

wearing: f21 top, UO skirt, vintage belt.


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