OOTD and 5K race

Busy, busy ,busy...that's what this past week has been. But I've been following/reading your blogs, got to find time for that, right!? :)

I snapped a few pics of my outfit today. I started with peep toes heels this morning but decided to switch to flats.  What can I say, I like to be comfortable. :)

I got my hair done Monday...and it's dark. I didn't really know what I wanted, light or dark, so I told her last minute to go with dark. It turned out good, I like it. I also got it cut...about 2-3 inches and it was much needed. I need to take a better picture of the color...plus I haven't done anything to it this morning, didn't even comb it...  Sometimes I just like a quick shower in the morning and my hair doesn't get any attention.
Lazy, I know :-)

Top: Forever 21
Cardi: The Loft
Black Denim Pants: Kohls (Mudd)
Peep Toe Flats: H&M
Belt: J Crew

I just got back from a 45min walk, fast walk. I've  been wanting to run a 5K (got to start somewhere lol) for quite some time now so today I decided to start "training" for it. One of my friends joined me so I was happy to have a partner to train with.

Have you done any running races? What was your biggest challenge while training or trying to complete the race?
If you have any suggestions for newbies feel free to share :)


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