Oh Goodness!

Hello Blogland, I am not dead! Just overwhelmed with
Chemistry, sleep deprived, sad, and STILL DO NOT
HAVE MY CAMERA BACK! It's been in the hands of
a certain repair service (I'd rather not rant about the specific company)
for almost an entire month! I hate
to be a baby, but blogging is quite difficult without a
digital camera. Also, today I was informed that my camera
possibly got lost during the whole repair process. If so,
I get a new one, but still... I miss my baby!

Anywho, I would love to say a big thank you to Tieka
from Selective Potential for choosing me as her
featured blogger. It is such an honor! To those of you
who are checking out my blog, I promise I update more
when I have a camera :)

So sorry for the sulking, and hopefully I will
have my lovely camera back by the end of the week.


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