Bit o' Summer Inspiration

OH MY GOODNESS! I just must say that I am absolutely
dying without my digital camera. I have had so much
free time and have really wanted to take some outfit photos.
I actually have so many new thrifted finds that I would just
love to show you all.

Anyways, since I can't take any photos, I decided to
post some mid-summer inspiration. After all of the very
structured styles of the past few seasons/80's vibes, I
am really into free and flow-y feminine styles.
Even a slight bohemian feel has sparked my interest this
summer, for a change!

In the meantime while I am waiting for my camera
to get fixed, I am trying to think of new things to
do on my blog. Anyone know a good collage maker online
or one to download? I love making them
out of magazines and putting them on my blog would be great :)

Well, I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

via: weheartit


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