Little black dresses, new purse & Jessica Biel's makeup

Yesterday was my friends big day. They had a great wedding and her dress, and she of course, looked stunning. We had a great time!

I found a dress in my closet I totally had forgotten about. Please tell me this happens to you as well ha ha
Here are a few pics of little black dress...

Yesterday while I was getting ready the door bell rang. Luckily I was dressed lol and to my surprise it was the mail-lady...with a cute zebra box. Gosh, I love getting stuff in the mail haha
I've ordered a chain strap purse a while ago and didn't really expect it just yet. Perfect timing though!  I put the new purse to use right away :)  Since the real thing (Chanel) costs way way more than I would ever want to spend I got this chain strap purse instead :)  Love it!

Dress: Bebe
Shoes: Nine West
Necklace: J Crew
Purse: eBay

I just wish there was a way adjust the strap lenght. Oh well, for $16 I really shouldn't expect too much :)
Now to makeup....
I was somewhat inspired by Jessica Biel's makeup in the new issue of Glamour so I decided to do my makeup similar...but of course didn't think to take a picture (shocker,  But here is photo of Jessica's makeup.

I got a subscription to Glamour, Self and Men'sHealth (for my hubby  not me lol) for only $28 total for an entire year! Not a bad deal for 3 magazines. (in case you're interested it was through
Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!


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