Well thank you all so much for the advice about my camera!
I in fact do have a warranty on my camera so I suppose
I will have to send it in again. It is such a shame.
BUT until then, my mother has ever so graciously lent
me her camera which is just as good as mine! I am
sadly very picky about cameras,
but hers fits my standards. But hey, I think it's
okay for a girl to know what she wants.

Lately I have been loving the whole socks with
shoes/heels thing. I got super inspired after the UO summer
catalog and after the first time I felt
brave enough to wear it out, it has come so naturally
to me. Can't wait to wear thigh high ones in the fall!
(Yes I am focused on the fall already).

wearing: f21 shorts; polka dot leotard; target socks; Aldo heels


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