Lately I have been....

1.) Wearing floral crowns non-stop as tough it is spring already, denying the fact that it is only January
2.) Getting one too many coffees at Saturday's Surf with Justin and Christina
3.) Obsessing over these buckle boots from Topshop. 
4.) Adventuring around Brooklyn with Christina trying to find a new apartment.
5.) Turning pastel dresses into decor.
6.) Picking out which neighborhood in Brooklyn we want to live in... it's fun but also a nightmare.
7.) Brightening up my days with vibrant essentials.
8.) Trekking around SoHo on my weekends off.
9.) Spending way too much time with this little angel.
10.) See #9.
11.) Indulging in cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery, with no regards to upcoming bikini season.

Hope you all had a lovely week as well!


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