Outfit // Sunset at the dock

Everyone needs a vacation from time to time. Living in New York City, I decided to take mine at the beautiful lake with my lovely boyfriend. Nothing beats the peacefulness of nature and I think that this was the exact thing that I needed. We loved spending time on the water, especially watching sunsets on the dock. On this evening we stayed until dark just chatting and enjoying the beauty around us. I was a bit too frightened to  go for a midnight swim (something about not being able to see whats in the water), but I at least was brave enough to dip my feet in. Who knows though, maybe next time I will toughen up. I definitely see more escapes like this in my future!

Anyways, next stop on my little southern road trip is Arkansas and then Texas. Cannot wait to see family and old friends. Hope you all are having a wonderful  Thursday!

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wearing: top - Urban Outfitters; skirt c/o iAnywhere; boots c/o Dolce Vita; Legacy Penny
Shoulder Purse c/o Coach; floral headpiece c/o K is For Kani


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