Amazing Tar-jay finds

Hello lovelies!
Hope all of you had a fabulous weekend! We had a great time in Chicago, despite all day rain on Sunday (perfect day for shopping, no?! ;)  I find a few cute things which I'll share either in my ootd or some other way.
I think this is the only fitting room picture I took.

 Love these light colored jeans and the sweater, both from Zara. 
(the pockets had studs around them)

Now onto Tarjay.  I stopped to pick up the new L'oreal lip stick (the color I wanted was sold out). But there is always something else there. I'm sure you all know this about Target already.  I was a good girl and picked up only two skirts (that's probably because I just saw two more online that I'd like to add to my closet). The prices are great, that's what what I love about Target. I can't find the other pencil skirt I picked up online. It's the same color as these pants - cherry peony.
Here are some fab finds for less.

1. Pleated Maxi skirt - my local store didn't have it but I saw it online and LOVE this skirt! . Comes in 4 colors. Add a plain tee and a denim jacket and you're good to go (I'm thinking Fall style already)

2. Polka dot pleated skirt - also comes in pink and black.

3. Leopard print skirt - comes in quite a few colors.

4. Pleated skirt in black- comes in 3 more colors (one of them is a floral print I think). The waist trim is faux leather. Cute!

5. Soft scoop neck sweater (great alternative to J.Crew tippi sweater) - comes in ton of colors.

6. Boyfriend Cardigan - comes in ton of colors. Great to wear with leggings too.

7. Color-block Cardigan - love the Fall colors. Nice and long, which makes it also a great sweater to cover your tush while you wear the comfy leggings this Fall.

8. Jersey Dress - Orange flame color would transition nicely into Fall. With boots and jean jacket perhaps (everything is going to be with boots and denim jacket, isn't it?!).

So how can you not love Target!?! Impossible. I find their clothing to be pretty good quality. I haven't had issue with anything I've bought there so far and I own quite a bit from Tarjay!

Have you found anything at Target lately? 
 Do share in the comments below. 


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