something borrowed

Coat: Zara (similar herehere)
Shirt: J.Crew-old (here, here, here)
Sweater: Target - on sale! 
Jeans: Current/Elliott-old (similar here)
Bag: Tory Burch (in love with this one, perfect size)
Booties (also here addl sizes)
Necklace / Scarf / Bracelet (similar) / warm sock: borrowed from hubby

Since somehow two scarves disappeared (of course not mine, all of mine 93398498 scarves are accounted for)…it's hubs two scarves that somehow disappeared, so he needed a new one. And may I just mention that he is very picky!  After I saw this one I thought "this one is IT"… I love it…so he has will hopefully like it too.
  It's wool.  It's supposed to be warm. But just to make sure it actually is, I thought 'why not test it out myself'…you know, like a good wife. And that's exactly what I did…except I'm not quite sure just yet how warm it truly is. Yea… I'll have to borrow it again…a few more times…at least…just to make sure it's provides proper warmth!!! wink wink

Happy Friday!


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