New BR skirt and flower pin

Another black and white outfit....actually it might be only the second one. I got this skirt this past weekend as well but remembered it after I posted everything therefore it didn't make it with the rest of the goodies I got. I bought it at Banana Rep. outlet and paid only $17. It is linen, which would explain those wrinkles, but it actually doesn't wrinkle as bad as I thought it would.

I just love this polka dotted flower pin! I got it at H&M (also this past weekend) and it makes the outfit so much cuter. I have another one I bought a while back but totally forgot I had it. The fashionable Ife - The Fashionista Next Door gave me this great idea, so thank you girl :)   It can really make a plain shirt look so much more fab.

Top: Charlotte Russe
Skirt: Banana Republic Outlet
Shoes: Nine West 
Flower Pin: H&M
Golden Braclets: H&M (I've worn them every day since Saturday, love 'em)

I think flower pins might be my new thing now :)



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