"Perfect" boot search

I've been searching for some cute no-heel/low heel boots for a couple of years now. One of the problems: circumference. I know the chances of me finding a pair that fits perfectly are very slim but some are just way way too big. I've taken couple of pairs to a shoe repair shop and they took them in couple of inches. And that is round $30. So anything over 14" is a no no. Even a 14" has a tiny bit of room but once jeans are tucked in it might work ok.
So this year I'm starting my search early rather than waiting until October/November. Here are some boots I found on Piperlime and like like :)

These are my favorite so far. They are by Sam Edelman - $300, over-the-knee, leather and 14" circumference

2nd Pair is by Saychelles - $230, 14" circumference and also over-the-knee.

3rd pair is by Guess - $225 Over-the-knee, 12 1/2 circumference (perfect) but might not work over jeans (skinny jeans). But might be worth a try. They would be great if they had them in tan color.

I also tried on a pair at DSW today but can't seem to copy the picture. Here is the link, and the price is $140. The color is a lot better in person than on the picture, I liked them but over-the-knee boots would be my preference.

What do you think about these? Which pair is your favorite?

Would love to hear your thoughts :)



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