First Bit of Warmth

First of all: Isn't this the most beautiful cat you have
ever seen?! His name is Mark, and he happens
to be extremely photogenic and I happened to catch him
at the perfect moment today, hehe.

Onto more fashion-related issues....
as of the past few months, I have been all about thrifting.
Almost all of the items shown here are vintage or secondhand,
which has been a recent trend in all of my outfits.
It's seriously come to the point that I question buying
anything new, and am completely turned off by having something
that is made by the millions and is available in thousands
of stores across one hundred countries. The challenge of scouring
up and down the racks of thrift stores/goodwill/the salvation army
has become a fulfilling and reasonably cheap hobby that I definitely
get my fix of doing every few weeks or so. This being said, except
new items to be up in the shop that I just scored, after they are hemmed.

Anyways, I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and a great start to
your week!

wearing: thrifted skirt, jean jacket, bag, & tank; wal-mart tights; H&M shoes.


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