Happy (Belated) Birthday to my blog! Just a little over one years
old, with 170 posts total and counting. It's just so exciting to me
that I have kept it up for this long, so I just had to make an
entry about it. I cannot say how much I love you all, and cannot say
thank you enough for keeping up with my blog! It started out as
just something I did just for fun, but it has really turned into
something almost therapeutic and the perfect release for
sharing my creativity and getting inspired by all of yours.
So here is to one year of blogging, I can't wait to keep it up!
Below is a little re-cap in chronological order of outfits from each
month since last January.

Also.... just as of two days ago I decided to join tumblr.
I am quite new to it all, so if you have one, I would love if you
could follow me and I will of course reciprocate the love!
See my tumblr here.


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