Well first of all...

I miss my blog.

I would like
to tell life to stop being so busy, so that I can take two seconds to breath. Anyways, Los Angeles has been so great these past few days! It has been hectic non stop, but I managed to get through and tourist y taking beach pictures. It really is a shame that I had to be wearing the dreaded ( gasp! ) business casual clothing.

I head to San Fransisco tomorrow at the crack of dawn (literally) for some more appointments. On Saturday we have the whole day free though, so I would love any and all suggestions of places to shop/eat/ do stuff.

And lastly, I greatly apologize for being awful about responding to comments. Once this week is over, I should be back at it. I love you all so much!

Wearing: H&M skinnies; thrifted blazer; f21 top.


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