found it!

...remember the bad ass girl in Ferris Beuler's Day off, who played his girlfriend? Well growing up, that girl was my idol, and I have always had a silly obsession with finding the perfect white cowboy boots! I absolutely love the 80's vibe that they bring to the table. I can see myself over wearing these bad boys, but who cares? I've been searching for some all my life!

PS: the way I wore this outfit yesterday was exactly the same in San Francisco, except for cutoffs instead of leggings. Well for those of you who live there know how hot it was yesterday, so I wore the only shorts I had. As you can imagine, I met many new people, and of course told them that I am from Texas. You will not believe how many cowgirl comments I got. Note to self: florals+cutoffs+cowboy boots= simply not cool.

Oh and that flower is from my mom's garden. I could not contain my inner flower child.

Wearing: urban renewal boots; UO top, f21 leggings & jewelry.


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