Good Ole Blue Jeans

So we all know that I am a dress lover through-and-through... however recently that I have stumbled upon Abercombie's high-waisted super skinny style, I just can't get enough of rocking the classic blue jeans look. Just like Lana's song... blue jeans, white shirt, this has now become one of my go-to looks. Anyway, for a limited of time, this style and others are offered on sale for only $39 online here! There are a ton of varieties...  every wash you can imagine, different waistlines if you aren't into the super high rise like me, and styles that suit any and all body types and obviously quality for a great price. Hope you all enjoy them as much as I do!

Anyway, have a lovely Friday! I am off to prepare for New Years Eve celebrations. Cannot wait to share with you all my party adventures!

wearing: scarf, Codie shirt, denim - c/oAbercombie; boots - Dolce Vita; hat- vintage; jacket- Old


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