5 Things That Make Me Happy

1.) My room. Still tweaking it to make it completely my own and the newest additions are this
ruffley comforter and floral pillow cases.

2.) This song. Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do by Donovan . I have seriously been searching for this song for ages. The tune was in my head but the words couldn't seem to form. This morning Christina played a cover of this song by SoKo so at last I have found it! Go listen to it if you like pretty folk songs.

3.) NOODLES! I am noodles obsessed. The spicier the better.

4.) The city in the rain. As much as everyone complains about it, I find  something soothing about a gloomy day in the city. Whether I am indoors with a book or trudging along the city dodging puddles there is something about it that leaves me at peace.

5.) TUMBLR . So I am indeed tumbling again and have really been enjoying cataloguing my current inspirations. Fashion, music, quotes, photography can all be found on my Tumblr. Also I added the 'ask' feature, so go ahead. Ask me anything!

Hope you all are having a lovely day! 

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